When you realize that its the time!

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In life, you come across many incidents. But, leaving the dear ones comes to the most difficult part. You feel both happy and sad, excited and calm, and all the contradictory feelings at once. It’s kind of mixed emotions. Yes, my college life came to an end. I miss all the people in my college. PEC made memories for me. 100s of people. Small number of besties. 4 batches. 4 rooms. 4 years. 3 roomies. And many labels as countless memories. Continue reading “When you realize that its the time!”


The First One!

People say when you are either depressed or excited, just share your feelings by just writing them! I thought it was all crap till I observed some people deriving pleasure by expressing their feelings or emotions by writing. So, let’s see whether this works out with me!

This one being my first one, I don’t know how to start. My blog is going to be mostly the circumstances I come across and my thoughts. I wish this journey of mine continues well and good (of course the start was a joyous one). 🙂